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Beyond Commission Splits: Building Personal Wealth and Retirement Income

Every one of us needs to make a living. We have our monthly bills to pay and we have to feed and provide housing for our families. Over the years we have all learned what it takes to make it through that monthly grind. And we repeat that grind over and over, month after month.

However, at some point in our lives we want to be able to stop that grind. We want to be able to focus on time for ourselves out of the workforce and devote our efforts to family and accomplishments we have dreamed of completing. This is the hope we all have for our retirements.

In order for us to enjoy and to have a successful retirement we need to build personal wealth. 

Building wealth happens faster and more assuredly when you have multiple streams of income that support your efforts.  Real estate sales is just one stream of income, but modern brokerages offer more.

Let’s examine agent compensation at the big three real estate brokerages in the United States, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker and eXp Realty. 

All three brokerages have Commission Splits. This is the amount of the sales commission the brokerage shares with you the agent. The first two brokerages both split the commission 70/30 with the agent. Keller Williams caps this split at $32,000 while there is no cap for Coldwell Banker. 

On the other hand, eXp realty has an 80/20 split with its agents and the cap is set at a mere $16,000.

It is clear an agent earns more working with eXp Realty. However, even greater benefits are provided to eXp agents. eXp agents also earn a share of REVENUE. That’s right, right off the top of every home sale, eXp agents get a cut of the action BEFORE expenses are taken. Coldwell Banker offers no sharing whatsoever and Keller Williams offers a cut AFTER expenses are taken. This is a significant factor to consider if you are an agent looking to build personal wealth.

In addition to Revenue Sharing, eXp Realty offers stock incentives to its agents which neither of the two other brokerages provide. Beyond the much more generous compensation plan offered by eXp Realty, the fees are dramatically less as it’s not a franchise, and doesn’t have the same overhead costs.

If you want to create real personal wealth while helping people find the home of their dreams, with the most technologically advanced team around, give us a call. eXp understands what an asset its agents are. The question is: Do you understand what an asset you are? We do. Come join the best team real estate has ever had!

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