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A Maui, Hawaii Title Company will be needed every time you purchase or sell a property.

A Maui, Hawaii Title Company professional makes sure the title (document stating ownership) to a piece of real estate is legitimate. Once approved, they issue insurance for that property. The insurance they issue is, not surprisingly, called Title Insurance. This protects the owner/mortgage holder from lawsuits filed by other entities claiming ownership to the piece of property. Almost every real estate transaction will require Title Insurance.

Fortunately, Hawaii Elite Real Estate has forged relationships with several Title Companies on Maui. Since we maintain good relations with several firms, you are always be able to find a title professional available to assist in your transaction.

Fidelity National Title and Escrow of Hawaii is a very well established title services firm with branches on most every island of Hawaii. They offer great videos explaining Title Insurance, Escrow and other real estate transaction services. The quality of their services is backed up by warm testimonials from dozens and dozens of satisfied clients.
Visit Website: http://www.fidelityhawaii.com

Old Republic Title is another title company with deep roots. For over 100 years, they have provided property rights protections and escrow services. The company has a distinguished lineage. Old Republic National Title Insurance Company was first incorporated in Minnesota in 1907 as the Real Estate Title Insurance Company. In 1928, the Company became the Title Insurance Company of Minnesota (Minnesota Title), which was one of the first title insurance companies to expand beyond state lines in 1938. In 1978, Minnesota Title was acquired by Old Republic International Corporation and, in 1992, became Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. They have an excellent suite of online services.
Visit Website: https://www.oldrepublictitle.com

Exclusively Hawaiian Title Company

If you are looking for an exclusively Hawaiian boutique title firm, we can highly recommend Title Guaranty Hawaii. Founded in 1896, Title Guaranty Hawaii truly understands Hawaii real estate. Their in-depth, local knowledge and over 300 employees statewide, guarantee fast, accurate solutions for all Hawaii-specific real estate situations.

Title Guaranty actually owns and maintains their own real estate database in Hawaii. This is the state’s largest. With a complete in-house title department and experience on every island in Hawaii, they are definitely one we highly recommend. We enjoy great satisfaction with their services.
Visit Website: http://www.tghawaii.com

Call us today at 808-866-6593 to schedule an in person or virtual viewing of a property of your choice, or one we recommend.

Your Hawaii Elite Real Estate team is here to help you find that property of your dreams. We also help you with every step of the real estate transaction process.

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