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At Hawaii Elite Real Estate, we offer an initial Buyer’s Consultation as a FREE, NO OBLIGATION SERVICE. We also offer a Buyer’s Guarantee.

We provide this service to those interested in home buying in order to assist them in understanding what is most suitable for them in a neighborhood and home. We believe this is a crucial first step towards finding your Dream Home.

Most real estate agents today prefer to have a signed Buyer’s Agreement in place before engaging in any activity for the Buyer. This is done to ensure a fair use of time for the agent. The buyer pays nothing for the services of the real estate agent, and in return agrees to work exclusively with a chosen real estate agent. This is understandable as an agent has only so much time to invest with clients and must prioritize that time.

At Hawaii Elite Real Estate, we are dedicate first and foremost to our clients. It is towards this end that we request that the clients we work with not engage with multiple agents.

Our entire philosophy and business practice is based on delivering customized real estate solutions to the most discriminating of clientele. We also ensure that, up to the point of submitting an offer, you are free to walk away from the exclusive agreement we have with you.

We do not believe you will ever need or wish to forego our services, but the option will always be on the table for you. The main purpose of the Buyer’s Consultation is that it presents an opportunity for both agent and buyer to get to know each other. During this consultation both sides will be able to develop a mutual understanding of each other’s needs and goals. We want to make sure we help you find the best possible property on the market that matches your individual or family needs.

Buying a home is a very serious proposition. It is something that usually occurs only once every thirteen years in an individual’s or family’s life. It is important to select an agent that listens to you, knows the business, knows the market, and can effectively negotiate with the seller.

Call us today to arrange a free Buyer’s Consultation.

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