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Answers to Common Questions About EXP Realty

How does eXp split comissions?
The split at eXp is 80/20 until a cap is reached.

What is eXp’s commission cap?
eXp’s commission cap is $16,000. If you sell roughly $3,000,000 in a year you will reach your cap.

Do agents have to pay for insurance?
Yes, it is a $40 fee per closed transaction with an annual cap of $500.

If I want to open an eXp office, do I have to pay any fees?
No! No fees to open an office, annually or ever!

Can I buy Company Stock?
You can take 5% of your commission to buy company stock at a 10% discount. You can, of course, by stock from your own brokerage account whenever you like!

Can I earn Company Stock?
The moment you sell your first home you earn company stock! Other ways you can earn company stock is to reach your commission cap, bring on another agent or become an eXp ICON. If you become an eXp ICON you are awarded $16,000 for every year you achieve ICON status!

Can I sell my Company Stock?
Any company stock you buy on your own, you can sell as you please. Any company stock bought on discount or awarded to you is yours after a vesting period of three years.

What is eXp’s Cloud Training?
The Cloud Training program that eXp offers is 20 hours of weekly online education you can access from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection!

Can I get in person training?
Yes! Every area of the country has regular, in person meetings where agents can get together for training sessions. Check with your local agents for more details.

How does eXp Revenue Share?
Since eXp has very little overhead and does not itself maintain brick and mortar locations, eXp shares 20% of its revenue BEFORE expenses with its agents. Please note that nobody else does this and all other brokerages that Revenue Share do so AFTER expenses.

I know recruiting is an important part of eXp’s business model.

Do I have to recruit to sell?
Not at all! If you are not comfortable recruiting agents you are free to sell on your own to your heart’s content. Of course we always welcome new members to our team that are even casually recruited by our agents.

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