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How to expand your brokerage business while reducing workload and minimizing risk with EXP Realty


To get to the point, there are five main reasons why your brokerage should join eXp Realty:

  1. Overhead & Costs.
    One of the biggest benefits of working with eXp is that you virtually eliminate most overhead costs. There is no longer a need for a physical office and office staff can be significantly reduced due to the powerful suite of cloud tools eXp Realty provides. No more copy machine or printer paper, office supplies, office insurance or other burdensome expenses. With eXp, everything is designed to operate in the cloud, from the training and tech support to agent services. If you really want to keep your office, nothing is preventing you, eXp gives you the option to go virtual immediately!
  2. Liability & Responsibility.
    Brokers who partner with eXp enjoy another fantastic benefit – they no longer hold the licenses of the agents. This dramatically reduces a broker’s risk, liability and responsibility. Not only does this provide a financial benefit, but also provides a significant amount of peace of mind. Errors and Omissions insurance is no longer needed and the broker is no longer responsible for for the actions of the agents.
  3. Training & Support.
    With eXp your brokerage no longer has to worry about training the workforce. Think of the time saved when you can be out doing instead of mentoring. Generally speaking, Real Estate School doesn’t fully prepare agents for a successful career in the industry. There are always constant updates to contracts and always new regulations. These can be difficult for brokers to keep all of their agents apprised of. With eXp Realty agents have 24/7 access to the training they need, whenever and wherever they need it. This gives you, the broker, more time to focus on getting more of those listings and sales!
  4. Revenue Share & Stock.
    Brokers and agents with eXp Realty enjoy the benefit of being able to share revenue from agents brought on by both brokers and agents – to a depth of seven tiers! There are actually six different ways you are able to earn stock and can even purchase some stock at a 20% discount. This is something that no other brokers offer and it is a huge recruiting tool… No other real estate companies offer a revenue share platform as rewarding as the eXp model. Talk about a competitive advantage!
  5. National Expansion.
    This one is the most powerful and easiest to get behind! With eXp, you are able to recruit agents in any market they they are in, whether it is Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Terra Haute, Indiana! Have no fear, Mexico is about to join the list! What makes this deal even sweeter is that you don’t have to be licensed in all of the places you recruit agents from, and you don’t have to pay multiple MLS fees!

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