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Free Seller Consultation

At Hawaii Elite Real Estate we know the thought of selling your home can be intimidating. For starters, where do you begin?

We offer a free no obligation consultation that will show you the steps needed to successfully sell your home. In this consultation, we will provide information on such crucial aspects of selling your home such as sales timeline, net sale proceeds, home showings, improvements before showing, and even tips on how to find your next home.

We at Hawaii Elite Real Estate are Hawaii Real Estate Experts.

1.Comparative Market Analysis and Home Pricing
The first step is to understand what your home is worth on the current market. This is called a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis. It is absolutely essential that you know what your home is worth on the current market. This number can be similar to, or very different from bank and property evaluations you may have had. Much like sending an item to auction, what something is worth “on paper” and what something is worth, literally “on the street” can be two very different things.

2. Timeline
Given the results of the market analysis and what repairs/touch ups may need to be done, we can give you a realistic estimate as to how long it will take to (A) get your home and the market and (B) get it sold. You can get a home listed on the market within 24 hours. The question is. is it the best home you have to sell? Often, we will point out objectives that can be met regarding your property to make sure that when it does go on the market, it will be for the best market price.

3. Getting Your Home Ready To Sell
An agent can be an invaluable resource for finding ways to organize and improve the appearance of your home. Everyone wants a home to sell quickly when they feel it is time to put it on the market. But remember, the longer a home is on the market, the harder it becomes to sell. In fact, usually the first 30 days on the market are the most critical. After first month, buyers coming into the market will wonder why the home hasn’t sold. Often times, there is a good physical or structural reason. After deep cleaning your home, you should have the roof checked as well as the plumbing, foundation, drainage, electrical wiring and windows. These are just the obvious areas on which a home inspection focuses. A good real estate agent will go further and recommend additional actions to increase the market readiness of your home. Some of those additional factors that should be addressed are clutter, unfixed appliances and poor flooring. No one wants to purchase a luxury home for top dollar then have pay a large bill from multiple contractors for renovation costs. Imagine buying what you thought was the home of your dreams and a couple of months later learning that you need to replace the fifteen-year-old HVAC system. Buyers really do their homework these days, and you need an agent to help you be prepared.

4. Making It Look Great
The last step will be to stage your home. We will help you ourselves, or, if you like, we will connect you with local professionals who will stage your home to be the most appealing to potential buyers. This usually involves rearranging the contents of rooms i a way where lighting, furnishings and art blend together to impress the eye.

Schedule a Free Consultation
To get back to where we started, the Seller’s Consultation is a no cost, risk-free and no-obligation meeting, where you, the seller, and a member of our team map out a strategy to sell your home for maximum market value and understand each other’s goals.

Contact Hawaii Elite Real Estate today to set up a free Seller’s Consultation and learn how we can put a successful sales plan in place for your home.

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