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Revenue Sharing: A powerful new source of income for Realtors

What is Revenue Sharing?

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Revenue Sharing at eXp Realty is a percentage of revenue an agent earns from an agent they brought into the company. All eXp Realty agents enjoy an industry leading 80/20 split on commissions. Here’s the great news! When an agent closes a deal, a percentage of that 20% which eXp gets goes back to the agent that brought them in!

An agent that brought an agent in will earn a percentage of that 20% company split until that sponsored agent caps out at $16,000 of company split. Once that sponsoring agent’s anniversary comes around, you start all over again!

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Want some better news? This revenue share is not limited to one sponsored agent! That’s right! You can earn this revenue share on every agent you bring to eXp! Talk to your co-workers and join the party!

What’s the difference between Revenue Sharing & Profit Sharing?

So you’ve been offered some profit sharing from another brokerage. You tell yourself, “Profit has to be better than revenue!” Well, guess what? It’s not!

Profit sharing means you get a cut of the action once expenses have been paid! So, if your office has really high overhead, you may only see pennies on the dollar!

Revenue sharing at eXp is so much better! You get a cut of the REVENUE BEFORE EXPENSES! That’s right! No matter what costs your office may have (and eXp is really good about keeping costs low) you are getting a cut right off the top. Guaranteed! And, of course, nothing is better than guaranteed income!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your broker’s expenses eat into your well earned dollar!

Join the team that gives you the cream of the cut!

Revenue Sharing Introduction Video

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