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Top 10 Most Compelling Reasons To Switch To eXp

  1. Improve your commission split to 80/20.
    When you increase your commission split to 80%, you take home significantly more money from every sale.
  2. Reduce your annual cap to $16,000.
    Yes, with EXP you keep 100% of your commission after paying just $16,000. Team members cap at $8,000.
  3. Attract Agents and build your Revenue Share Tree.
    Each agent you bring to EXP earns you revenue share. Get in front of the wave and be among the first to join in your area.
  4. Earn Stock Rewards for hitting performance milestones.
    Every time you hit key performance milestones, you’ll be gifted stock in EXP.
  5. Affordable Healthcare for you and your team.
    EXP offers health care like no other.
  6. Own your brokerage.
    EXP is agent focussed and agent owned. Get your slice of the company through stocks.
  7. Eliminate the middle man.
    Unlike most national brokerages, EXP is NOT a franchise. No more competing with brokerage owners for profit share or agent count.
  8. Evolve with the market.
    Real estate is evolving quickly. New technology and new business models are paving the future for Realtors.
  9. Work with the best and brightest.
    EXP was founded by and consistently attracts the best and brightest agents in the country.
  10. Be apart of a movement.
    EXP is more than a business, it’s a growing movement that puts agents first.

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