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Top 10 Reasons to Join eXp Realty

EXP Realty is extremely agent focussed and there are countless reasons to join. When we break it down into dollars and sense, these are the top 10 reasons agents are flocking to this new cloud based brokerage.


#1 – Best Commission Splits in the industry

With a commission split of 80/20 eXp Realty offers the most competitive splits in the industry.

#2 – Lowest Cap in the industry

With an individual cap of $16,000 and a team cap of just $8,000 you will be earning 100% commissions faster with eXp Realty.

#3 – Best revenue sharing model in the industry

With revenue splits originating directly from the 20% company commission, and never from the agents cut, or from a franchise owners measure of profitability, you are guaranteed the same percentage amount of revenue share on every sale.

#4 – Agent Owned

eXp Realty is a publicly traded company that incentivizes agents with stocks and also allows you to purchase stocks at a discount. Beyond being agent focussed, the company is literally owned by its agents through stock.

#6 – No Franchise Owners

A major improvement from traditional real estate companies, eXp Realty has eliminated the local franchise owners from the equation, putting agents first, lowering expenses and creating an agent owned business model. This means more money, more opportunity and more growth for agents.

#7 – One Cap Nationwide

Do you sell real estate in multiple states? Instead of paying multiple brokerages, you can now have one cap of $16,000 nationwide. Many agents are paying $30,000 caps in multiple states. This improvement alone should save you tens of thousands of dollars.

#7 – Fastest Growing

eXp Realty is the fastest growing real estate company in history, recently breaching 20,000 agents and currently ranked 3rd in the country by closed sales.

#8 – Lowest Fees

Everything you need for one low monthly fee of $85. That includes technology, education and training.


Other real estate companies pride themselves on being “technology” companies, without changing their business model. The technology is in the business model. Beyond that, eXp Realty has invested in cutting edge technology such as their 3D virtual world where all training and support happens 24/7.


At the end of the day, we are a real estate company with great agents and great service. Since eXp grows through personal relationships, we ensure that the company grows in the best ways possible.

Put it all together and you have the fastest growing agent focussed cloud brokerage that the world has ever seen. Finally a solution that actually puts agents first and gets it right for everyone.

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