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6 Perfect Beaches in Kihei & Wailea

Posted by on February 24, 2021
South Kihei Beach

Grab your sunhat, your reef safe sunscreen, and let’s go do what you came to Maui to do, hit the beach for an afternoon of sunbathing!

Maui is home to some of the most amazing pristine beaches in the world and the best part is that many of them are located right here in Kihei & Wailea.

Every beach has its own unique atmosphere, while some are more family friendly, others are perhaps best for adults only. 

While you cannot go wrong with any beach you decide to spend a lazy afternoon sunbathing on, below are my top 6 picks for the Wailea and Kihei beaches, and the most favored unique factors of each one.  

Palauea Beach
  1. Palauea Beach – Also called White Rock beach, and is nestled on the infamous Makena road, that is home to some of the most elite properties on Maui. Directly south of Polo beach club and Wailea Point, downhill from the Wailea golf club, this beach is home to some of the most stunning sunsets, and is a favorite among newly weds for their beautiful beach front photoshoots. This is a favorite for lounging, snorkeling, and yes even whale watching. This one is definitely family friendly, with a quiet atmosphere, and also offers a nice shady area under the beautiful Keawe trees if you prefer to lay off the SPF and protect yourself from the sun naturally.
Polo Beach
  1. Polo Beach – Directly north of Palauea beach, Polo beach provides a beautiful space for snorkeling, Because this bay is protected this beach is a perfect spot for families with younger children. This beach offers calmer waters, and protected nestled bay for swimming and snorkeling and perfect for all age swimmers. One of my favorite bonuses, this beach has access to a shower to allow for a quick afternoon here, without having to run back home to wash off all the sand. Be sure to check out Manolis, an open air bar located right on the golf course with delicious beverages and pizza, for happy hour with your friends! 
Poolenalena Beach
  1. Poolenalena beach – This beach is characterized by its Keawe trees providing a nice shady area if you are not a fan of slathering on that SPF. Head uphill to what the locals call “Secret beach” to play volleyball, and perhaps even go skinny dipping in the water! While part of the beach is family friendly, if you prefer to perhaps leave the swim suit at home, stay on the south side of the beach. If you prefer to go play volleyball, meet some new friends, or maybe even watch some fire dancing at night, head on over the short trail behind the cliff, and enjoy a unique beach experience!
Big Beach
  1. Big Beach – Do you like boogie boarding? Maybe even some surfing? Big beach is known for its big surf and a younger crowd. Great for lounging or long walks on the long stretch of sand for you daily workouts. This one is a hit among families, great for teenagers who want to try their hand at boogie boarding and meet new friends! Be forewarned on the days the swell is high, please use your caution when choosing to enter the wavy waters. 
Kamaole III Beach Park
  1. Kamaole III Beach Park – I may be also biased with this one however, there is never a bad sunset at this beach. The location of it provides a beautiful green space, if you have had enough sand for the day and prefer to enjoy the gorgeous views without getting sand between your toes. Enjoy your friends, a couple of drinks, and the natural light show at sunset. This spot is a hands down sunset favorite!
Keawakapu Beach
  1. Keawakapu Beach – This beach is perfect for family members of all ages. If you are new to the island this beach is one of the most social beaches to meet new friends and your neighbors of Kihei Wailea area. I would say this beach has a loyalty and a fan following, meaning you are likely to see the same people here daily. While most beaches are tourist favorite, this one is the preferred go to among the residents due to its calm waters, gorgeous sunsets, snorkeling, family friendly environment, shower access, and new friends, this one is probably one of the best bets, if you are indecisive about which one of these to spend the day catching the rays. 

No matter which beach you find yourself on, you honestly cannot go wrong. These 6 are my favorite beaches on island characterized by their unique landscape, location, activities, and most of all, the people. Tell me in the comments below, which beaches do you prefer? Have you visited the above listed beaches? What has been your experience?

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