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Cryptocurrency Is The Newest Way To Buy And Sell Property – Hawaii Elite Real Estate Is Right There With You On The Cutting Edge

Posted by benjamen.harper@gmail.com on May 13, 2021

First US Bitcoin Home Purchase

The very first house purchased with Bitcoin in America was in 2017, in Austin, Texas.


Seller Doesn’t Have To Have A Bitcoin Account

If you think the seller has to have a bitcoin account for you to use bitcoin to purchase property, think again! There are services, such as BitPay that allow Bitcoin to be sold for a certain total dollar amount. Since Bitcoin price is constantly in flux, the risk is to the buyer. However, under most circumstances the fluctuation is minimal. A Bitcoin property transaction can be lightning fast once an offer is accepted and all the inspection and paperwork is completed. You don’t need a bank or a banker. The entire transaction, including paying agents, brokers and inspectors, can take anywhere from ten minutes to a day.

The Importance of Being First In Line

Having the flexibility to quickly purchase a property gives the Bitcoin home purchaser or investor a decisive advantage. Since an entire transaction can be initiated in seconds from your cell phone, having an accepted offer and an available inspector can lead to property ownership in a matter of hours. Given the rapidly rising rate of home purchases worldwide, this is a great boon for the buyer.

Hawaii Elite Real Estate Here To Help You Purchase Your Maui Dream Home

Whether you decide to purchase your new Maui dream home or investment property with Bitcoin, cash or a traditional mortgage, Hawaii Elite Real Estate has the knowledge and the connections to help you find, finance and close on the property of your choice. Years of Maui real estate experience has given its agents an in-depth knowledge of the homes of this luxury landmark. Call Ben today and the rest of the team at Hawaii Elite Real Estate to set up a showing of your preferred properties.

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