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Diamond Head, Oahu Hawaii

Posted by on July 28, 2021
Diaomond Head, Oahu Hawaii

Diamond Head is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Hawaii. It’s a volcanic cone that was formed by an ancient eruption and also happens to be the site for some of the best views on Oahu. In this blog post, we’ll explore Diamond Head and what it has to offer visitors. 

Diamond Head is a dormant volcanic cone on the island of Oahu that offers spectacular views and rich history. The crater atop the mountain was formed from an ancient eruption, and it is now considered a sacred site by native Hawaiians. You can access Diamond Head State Monument via public transportation or private vehicle. Once there, you can hike up to the summit for stunning 360-degree views of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, Koko Head Crater in Kaneohe Bay and more! 

Diamond Head not only has some amazing natural sights but also plenty of cultural significance as well – so be sure to visit this iconic landmark while you’re in Hawaii!

I hope you enjoyed our blog post about the history of Diamond Head Oahu. Contact us today and let’s talk.

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