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Finding a Home on Maui

Posted by on January 1, 2021

 If you are looking for that perfect home, in that perfect spot, you can find it all right here. Maui offers some of the most beautiful luxury homes in the world, for the most discerning of home buyers. Whether it’s your primary residence or a vacation getaway, Maui offers luxury on several levels. Hawaii Elite Real Estate will work tirelessly on your behalf to find the right property for you, ensuring an efficient and seamless purchasing process.Hawaii Elite Real Estate assists you throughout the entire home buying process:


Homes are available in many forms on Maui. Our island offers everything from magnificent multi-nillion dollar estates to refined, impeccably constructed condos. Let us know how much you would like to invest and we will arrange either virtual or physical showings of appropriate properties based on your preferences.


If you are looking to finance your Maui home, we recommend that you get pre-qualified before looking at properties. This way, we can save you time by presenting you with homes you can make offers on right away. Often, great homes are not on the market for long, so being able to put an offer in without delay is key to securing the best Maui home for you. Talk to us about finding the best mortgage broker, as we work with several who are experienced and exceptional.


Talk with us. Let us know the kind of neighborhood you want. Amenities, shopping, restaurants, traffic and more can be factors in finding the right part of the island for you. Through listening to you, we will put together a selection of homes that meet your needs. You may choose between viewing the properties in person, or virtually through our tailored, live virtual tours.


Once we have helped you find your perfect Maui residence, we will submit an offer on your behalf. As always, we are dedicated to getting you the best price possible under current market conditions.


This all-important part of the home purchasing process will be a gentle ocean breeze with Hawaii Elite Real Estate. The Home Inspection is required to make sure the property you are purchasing is sound and not in need of repair. It is our goal to present you with move-in ready properties. Should any repairs be needed, they can be negotiated at this point.


This is the part of the purchasing process where you will be most thankful you chose to work with Hawaii Elite Real Estate. Our team will coordinate everything from working with the lender to working with the title company. Our goal is ensuring a smooth process getting everything in order for you to purchase your new home.


The culmination of our work together will be meeting you at our offices to close the sale. We will have everything arranged so all you have to do is come in and sign. We will make sure the check is delivered to the seller and the keys are delivered to you. Your comfort and convenience are paramount.


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