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Iao parkside For Sale: Here’s Why You Need To Invest

Posted by on September 19, 2021

Dare to explore the gorgeous island of Iao Parkside? Located just off Highway 240, this one-acre parcel boasts stunning views and unsurpassed privacy. With its breezy location close to Hilo, it’s an insider’s paradise! It’s a great time to be alive and living in Hawaii, the unique climate is lush with both traditional and modern culture. At Iao Parkside – a development of condominiums overlooking Honolulu’s breathtaking Diamond Head crater- we strive for luxury living as well as good old-fashioned Hawaiian aloha so you can find peace within yourself as well as at home.

Iao Parkside For Sale is a gated community on the Hawaiian coast between Mokuleia and Kaneohe. Residents of Iao enjoy some truly breathtaking views of peaks, valleys, and beaches while being situated right in the middle of three different townships. From their house, residents have access to stores on Waimanalo Beach Drive or they can go surfing at Kaena Point just down the street from Kalaeloa Airport on their days off – which means never having to deal with traffic jams or parking issues. In fact, many residents of this area even take it upon themselves to commute by bicycle instead! The previous owner may have had a yard sale before the clear-out happened because there’s a dealer option for buyers.

To those who think that Hawaii is simply a vacation destination, we wish you could see what we see. What some refer to as paradise on Earth actually has beautiful beaches and lots of different climates with all the right variables for success: year-round moderate temperatures and sunshine (even in winter), rich volcanic soil, abundant freshwater sources, and ocean fisheries. Generations of Hawaiians have depended on these resources for sustenance; now it’s your turn to reap the rewards so come visit!

Come see why everyone wants a piece of paradise today!

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