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Kapalua – From Plantation to Posh

Posted by benjamen.harper@gmail.com on February 11, 2021

What Did You Say? Ahupua’a?

Ahupua’a were the original districts that islands in Hawaii were divided into. The idea was to give each person access to various land elevations for growing different crops. Some land was also set aside as an outlet to the ocean for fishing. The seven ahupua‘a of Kapalua were Honolua, Honokahua, Honokowai, Honokohau, Kahana, Mahinahina and Mailepai, with their perfect bays and beaches. All of these ahupua’a would one day become the Kapalua Ranch.

The Arrival of Modern Agriculture

In 1836 Dr. Dwight Baldwin settled in Maui and after many years of loyal service to the King he was rewarded a royal grant of 2,675 acres, the lands of the Mahinahina and Kahana ahupua‘a, for farming and grazing. He would eventually receive additional grants, make purchases, and form mergers, the land known as Honolua Ranch was founded and grew to 24,000 acres by 1902.

Between 1889 and 1902, Dwight’s son, Henry Perrine Baldwin, tapped the area’s rich agricultural potential with the help of a Scottish horticulturalist named David Thomas Fleming. Acres of coffee, taro, aloe and mango were planted. Fleming himself planted the majestic Cook and Norfolk pines along Kapalua’s roads. In 1912, Fleming and H.P. Baldwin’s son, Harry, planted the first 20 acres of pineapple fields. Over the next three decades, the Honolua Ranch became Honolua Plantation.

The Maui Pineapple Company and A Dream

In 1932, Maui Pineapple Company was founded and headed by J. Walter Cameron, husband to H.P. Baldwin’s granddaughter, Frances. Their son, Colin Cameron, envisioned creating a resort in Kapalua. His dream would become a reality.

Before that dream would come true, Colin Cameron and Maui Land and Pineapple granted nearly 9,000 acres of West Maui to The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii in 1992, creating what was at the time the largest privately owned nature preserve in the state.

More than 100 years later there is a Kapalua Resort and the Maui Land and Pineapple Company continue to evolve. All are looking forward to preserving Hawaii’s heritage while providing the best in luxury and living.

Modern Amenities

Now that you know about the past, it’s time to learn a little about the present. There is an abundance of activity taking place every day in Kapalua. Among the many activities you can engage in are golf, zip lines, beaches, tennis and spas galore! You can improve everything from you swing to your skin, and all within walking distance.

There are also dozens of award-winning and highly reviewed restaurants in Kapalua, Here you will find restaurants that feature every type of cuisine. From French to Native Hawaiian and everything in between. Take a stroll on any of the picturesque streets and read the menus as you walk by the many restaurants of Kapalua.

Start Your Search Now

Now that you know the history and the magic of Kapalua, call Ben Harper, your Maui Realtor, and the crew at Hawaii Elite Real Estate. Luxury homes and condos abound in Kapalua, and there’s always something intriguing on offer. Hawaii Elite Real Estate will help you find the home or condo of your dreams right in Kapalua. Showings can be virtual or in person.

Every detail of your search will be attended to. We offer a Buyer’s Guarantee giving you confidence we are certain you will be satisfied with our service. From showing to closing, Hawaii Elite Real Estate assists you ever step of the way with white glove service. Call us today.

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