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Lihue Real Estate- One Of The Best Places To Look Forward To

Posted by on September 26, 2021

Looking to buy a home in Lihue? Here’s a quick look at Lihue. Lihue, city, the seat of Kauai County, southeastern Kauai island, Hawaii, U.S. Sugarcane became the locality’s economic mainstay with the foundation of the Lihue Sugar Plantation (1849) by German colonists. In 1883 the Germans built a Lutheran church that fused classical New England and Bavarian Baroque architecture. Since its founding about 160 years ago, Lihu’e has seen dramatic changes, changes as dramatic as those made to Hawai’i as its political makeup changed from a monarchy to a territory and finally to a state.

At Kaua’i entered the 1900s, Lihu’e was surrounded by cane fields, with most development and homes located along what is today called Rice Street. The street name came from the Rice family. Stately homes were built along Rice Street, which was once informally named “Elite Street.” Proper street names weren’t implemented until the founding of a county government in 1905 following Hawai’i becoming a Territory of the United States, and the election of the first Kaua’i Board of Supervisors in 1906.

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You deserve an agent who truly cares about finding the right fit for you – not just someone who wants to make a quick sale. That’s why our entire team is committed to providing exceptional service throughout each transaction from start to finish. Whether you’re buying or selling, let us be there every step of the way! Let’s get started today!

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