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Top 5 Recreational Activities in Kihei & Wailea

Posted by benjamen.harper@gmail.com on February 25, 2021
Kihei Cove Surfing

It is uncanny that you desire to live in paradise. Relocation to Maui especially from a location that boasts all four seasons and perhaps exceptionally long and snowy winters, is a dream come true for many! 

Just imagine, never having to scrape the ice of the windshield of your car ever again, never having to shovel your drive way, and wanting to downsize your closet to board shorts or bikinis and always being in a comfortable temperature. 

It’s All About The Outdoors

However if you are an adrenaline junkie, who loves all things outdoors, such as skiing or snowboarding, or say hiking in the woods as the leaves turn colors in the fall, perhaps you are wondering, can lounging on the beach suffice your need for speed and adrenaline just the same way? 

To help rev your adrenaline craving spirit, here are a lot of transplants that relocate to Maui from cold regions such as for instance, Canada, or main land US, especially Colorado. 

Colorado is home to some of the most active outdoor adrenaline junkies, and healthiest people in the United States. With ample hiking trails, ski resorts, biking, fishing, hunting you name it!

Beaches, Golf and Clear Blue Waters

Maui is characterized by the most favorable year round weather, pristine beaches and clear blue waters, prestigious golf courses and of course prestigious properties on the planet!

However, Maui additionally offers a health conscious culture where the adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts alike can easily find their fix in a new outdoor sport! 

While laying on the beach absorbing the rays may be fun for a while, if you desire to explore Maui in a more adventurous way, read on for my top recreational activities in Wailea Kihei region.  

  1. Surfing – Maui is home to one of the most sought after waves on the planet. You may have heard of, Jaws, which is located on the northshore of Maui. If the name has you running for shore, already, there are plenty of areas to surf without having to leave the south side region, such as Cove Park in Kihei, located only blocks away from some of the most popular post surf hangout bars and restaurants. Cove Park is a beginner friendly and one of the most consistent waves, so no matter if its your first time, or you’re a seasoned professional, you will be sure to catch a wave!
Kihei Scuba Diving
  1. Scuba diving – Wish to explore the underwater world? Maui is home to some of the most beautiful reefs on the planet and provides and opportunity to discover a whole new world beneath the ocean surface.. Many amazing dive locations do not require a charter and can be done, right off shore such as at Wailea Point located next to some of the most elite properties on Maui. Scuba diving is a sport for all ages and walks of life, and Maui provides one of the most robust underwater environments on the planet for you to marvel at.
  1. Paddle boarding – If the you prefer the slower pace of adventure sports yet still desire an amazing workout, paddle boarding may be your go to. Who knows you may even be greeted by a humpback whale! Some of the best spots to take off from are Pauwela beach in Wailea close to Wailea point, as well as Keawakapu Beach Park next to the Ekahi Village. Get there early before the wind picks up in the afternoon and enjoy!
  1. Golf – If you are a golfing enthusiast, Wailea provides a beautiful setting in which you are able to enjoy year round golfing. Wailea Golf Club offers stunning views of the ocean and is right next to some of the most elite properties on Maui. If your wife is on you for your golfing habit, you may just turn her into an enthusiast along with you, simply to enjoy the never endingly breath taking scenery! 
Kihei Hiking
  1. Hiking – Maui undoubtedly is home to some of the most breathtaking trails from jungle to mountain terrain, there is great diversity in both scenery, climate and terrain. Wailea offers a unique blend of scenery that is a combination of tropical lush green plants, with jagged edges of deserted lava rock creating a breath taking environment to hike in. Hoapili trail is one of the most stunning locations to hike near the south side Wailea and Kihei region. If you would like to feast your eyes on beautiful long stretches of lava rock, hit La Perouse Bay for a unique change of scenery and light workout in the morning. Dont forget your sun hat!. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that Maui offers. Whether its surfing, paddle boarding, or scuba diving, the beautiful part about this, is you do not have to travel far in order to enjoy them all in the beautiful Wailea Kihei region. Enjoy the outdoors responsibly, and tell me in the comments, what are some of your favorite places to enjoy recreational activities? What are you looking forward to try?

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