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Virtual Home Tours: An Important Tool In Hawaii’s Real Estate Market

Posted by on December 15, 2020

One of the most innovative tools in the Hawaii real estate marketplace seems tailor made for today’s social distancing environment, but the practice has been in use for quite some time!

Hawaii Virtual Tour

Originally conceived of to take advantage of the “Open 24 Hours A Day” shopping craze, the Virtual Tour was developed to allow for “showings” at any time a prospective buyer could be interested. It was slow to catch on as people, especially those interested in higher end properties, were wary of scams, misrepresentations or just plain wanted to view properties the old fashioned way.

A Virtual Tour is actually one of the most powerful ways to showcase your property. You can show your property the way you envision it, focusing on its strengths making it instantly more appealing. A smart seller will have their agent create a well directed and carefully filmed Virtual Tour of their property doing just that.

A great way to start a virtual tour is with a shot of the Home Plan. This will help orient the prospective buyer and give them an idea of where everything is located within the home. With this roadmap in mind, it will help the buyer envision the flow of the house and have a feel for the funcionality of and access to the different themed rooms of the residence.

Going through each room in detail is at the heart of the Virtual Tour. You want to focus on what makes each room unique. Features such as closet size are important to convey. Also, you want to show highlights, such as views out of windows, cathedral cielings, flashings and trim. The more you show how unique and detailed your property is, the more desireable it becomes.

Finally, you will want to walk the grounds. showing the land, creating well thought out views of the house and attractive views from the property. Giving prospective buyers a sense of place, proximity and neighborhood will provide a base from which solid, informed and decisive purchasing decisions can be made.

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